Sir Father Dust

Malaga – Piece for Synthesizer and 2 Reel to Reel machines. Unreleased, 2010


Rhum pony - Released in 2009 on the Campaign for Infinity cassette Remember to Remove the Anal Canvas

Encroaching UnconsciousReleased in 2010 on the Wintage cassette Flock of Coal Fog

The You Me Colour Band

The You Me Colour Band is Katherine Kline and myself, channeling energy through each other.

Cloudbusting 2 from the Self-Released Maritime tour CDR On The Run

Wasted Nymph

The Wasted Nymph Band is Dominiq Alexander and myself, sometimes accompanied by Master B. Seegs

Timekeeper of the Hag No More (excerpt)An excerpt from side one of the self-released cassette, 2007.